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Distressed Dark-blue Cropped Denim Jacket
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I don’t want to lose you…

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A Family Of Whale Flying Away.
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A Family Of Whale Flying Away.

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MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

Hello. If you’re looking for more MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), you can check out this list:

•Design Thinking:
•Gamification Design:
•The Future of Storytelling (If you like writing):
•Social Entrepreneurship:
•Modeling & Stimulation using MATLAB:
•Monte Carlo Methods in Finance:
•The Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry:
•Mathe-MOOC: Mathematisch denkin! :
•The European Union in Global Governance:
•Changemaker MOOC - Social Entrepreneurship:
•DNA from Structure to Therapy:
•Internationales Agramanagement:
•Web Engineering I: Grundlagen der Web-Entwiklung:
•Web Engineering II: Developing Mobile HTML5 Apps:
•Contemporary Architecture:
Political Philosophy: An Introduction:
•Dark Matter in Galaxies: The Last Mystery:
•The DO School Start-Up Lab:
•Public Privacy: Cyber Security and Human Rights:
•Vehicle Dynamics I: Accelerating and Breaking:
•Vehicle Dynamics II: Cornering:
•Vehicle Dynamics III: Vertical Oscillations:
•Design Resilient Schools:
•Grundlagen des Marketing:

Also, they’re having a contest which gives you a chance to win a Scholartrip to your dream destination and a new MacBook.

Good day! ^-^

お出掛け | みっと [pixiv] 
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お出掛け | みっと [pixiv] 

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ポニーテール by しまぷ
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Pixel cloudscapes


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Inspiration for breakfast by Jennet Liaw
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Inspiration for breakfast by Jennet Liaw

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You’re Not The Only Unhappy One: Why Suffering Is Good For The Soul

To those who are suffering, feeling the weight of the world against them, and hopeless. It will pass. And when you got up, you will not be the same person anymore. You will be better and stronger. Read on this article